For decades, the 6 percent commission for real estate agents has been pretty standard. Just very recently there are many brokers offers 1 or 2 % or flat fee listing fee for selling the house however, they not telling the sellers all truth by disclosing all fee related with this transaction.

closing cost for seller, who pays closing cost in Florida

All those brokers offers the full services of a regular real estate brokerage for just flat fee or 1 or 2% fee that includes professional photography, 3-D virtual tours, help with staging, home tours and listings on all the major online platforms plus the buyers who choose buy with them receive a $1,000 rebate on closing. Non of them disclosing closing cost for seller or simply who pays closing cost in Florida.

Extremely sweet approach ! Isn’t?

Here is fact all of those brokers will not let you know.

The buyer’s agent commission, you have to pay as additional  which can vary from 2 to 4%. This well-kept secret makes major role in hidden fees advertising only to bring the seller to the table. Homesellers is branded name of brokerage selling homes in Palm Beach County, Florida area for less commission fees and was never cut on false and not truthful advertising, scoring five stars costumer service performance for decade. Homesellers agents charging their sellers only 4% total commission including the buyer agent fee and all full time broker services.

Simple and Honest. No hidden fees, gimmicks, fake promises, team of people you have to deal with not your agent, and over 1000 transactions closed with spotless reviews. The personal service and responsive contact with the agent make all Homesellers clients feel like they the only one been served at the time.