The real estate market is not in its best shape, and we can see the consequences of this everywhere. Apart from the growing prices and the hardship of finding the perfect and affordable home, you also have to deal with the difficulties of finding an experienced and trustful real estate agent.

 Due to the current slowing real estate market, many agents no longer have the possibility to support themselves from commission check alone. This means they have to find another source of income, which means a part/full –time job, or another additional business.

With 24 years of experience in this field, I have the chance to see more and more real estate agents that do not have the time and interest to represent their clients properly having another job. They can’t give the 100% attention to close the deal. In respond the clients lose their trust in real estate agents and going straight to the internet for help.

It is a cycle difficult to break, but not impossible.

In this situation, the public have to deal with agents that are non-reponsive or simply they do not care enough about closing the deal having paycheck from another job.

The use of technology also plays its part; with everyone having access to the Internet, there is no wonder that people prefer to look for real estate property online, without getting an agent to represent them.

Even with all this, there are still many real estate agents out there who love their job and understand what difference they can make in someone’s life helping them with smooth and troubles closing.

 Finding the right property is not easy task, especially considering the current market changes, but it is possible.

A full-time experienced agent will take the time to search for the perfect home, negotiate the price to give you the best option and guide you every step of the way. Contact full time Homesellers specialist to work with at 561 512 0459