More and more empty nesters are finding that downsizing to a smaller home is a their financial decision. When kids have left the 5 bedrooms house, you may realize that much of the space in your home is going unused. Downsizing to a smaller home that better suits your needs, giving you more financial freedom and more time to devote to whatever comes next in life like travel or hobby.

The first benefits of downsizing is life with lower or no mortgage payment. 

The reality is that you can also lower your housing expenses. A smaller home uses less energy so you’re lowering utility costs. Less square footage also means fewer rooms to furnish and less space to maintain. Other costs like property taxes and homeowner’s insurance are tied to the value of your home, so buying a less expensive and smaller home reduces these expenses.

Becoming an empty nester is a time of transition, from raising a family to choosing what you really want to do next in life. Owning a large home not only costs more on a regular basis but it also means a large bulk of your money is tied up in where you live. Buying a smaller home that frees up this money gives you the opportunity to invest it so that will grows, giving you more freedom to do things like travel, or create a better cushion for future retirement.

A smaller home means you have less space to clean and maintain, freeing up your time for fun an hobby. For many people whose kids are out of the house, the added time is worth trading in space you’re no longer using.

Becoming an empty nester is already a big change in life, so it’s understandable if you’re a little hesitant about selling the family home. It can be hard to embrace change, but once you do, you often find that closing one door can lead to a new one opening that holds amazing opportunities. Downsizing your home can be that opportunity that frees up your time and finances for the future.