The months of November and December are great months for buying your next home....

Why you ask?

The holidays are hectic. And while off the bat, it might not seem like the best season – both money- or time-wise, to buy a home, there are actually quite a few serious benefits to entering the market during this colder time of year.

Most buyers are occupied and distracted with the holidays, which means less offers are being made to sellers looking to make their next move. With less offers on the table, the sellers may be more motivated to accept a deal.

In addition to stronger negotiating power, the interest rates for your future loan are very low and closing before end of the year ensures you can still take advantage of the tax savings afforded to you for 2020. In Florida you must own your home as of Jan 1 to be granted homestead exemption for your property taxes. The difference between buying now and 2 months from now equates to thousands of dollars in savings!

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